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What you'll find here:

  • A living community home base, filled with fascinating humans who share the same ideals as you: cultivation of greater self-awareness, personal empowerment, and deep conversations.
  • The IG stories you’ve come to know and love on @theimmortalodyssey, but better. We’re turned them into a searchable archive w/ Topics…no more screenshots disappearing into the depths of your photo albums, never to be seen again
  • Uncensored material that would get blocked on IG + other social media
  • An expanding library of exclusive articles on consciousness, personhood development, practical energetics, spiritual arts + living in the 'ole Matrix
  • Dive deeper through programs like The Master Key: Strategic Belief Recoding + Practical Energy Mastery

What members are saying:

I don’t think a description can do this container justice. A linear sentence cannot possibly explain what goes on in here.
All I can say is that I show up every day more expanded and in my own power. Just showing up as myself in daily life is enough for people to comment on my being, and ask where the hell I learned / developed such an understanding of myself and how to navigate anything that shows up.
When I think about the things I have already cultivated and developed in just 1 year, it makes me smile uncontrollably. I genuinely look forward to living even when I’m working through the most difficult things.

I don't need to censor myself here. I feel comfortable sharing the weird or embarrassing parts of my dreams and experiences because I know I will not be judged or punished for anything, but receive support and guidance to grow through the parts of myself I hide from and fight.

When I don't know anyone in my physical surroundings trying to understand themselves in this way, I can come back here to share whatever is coming up in my life in the context of what we're learning or simply to read everyone else's questions and experiences, because almost every time I'm going through a version of what they shared, myself. I really love it here 😁😁💓

This is the best social media, especially since I uninstalled IG and FB from my phone because I was overwhelmed with comparison but addicted. This community feels like social media but an empowering one, where I wake up in the morning and read everyone's posts or Ryan's articles and they provide so much value.

I've never experienced a community like this before, where I can express the parts I judge and shame myself for without being judged by others but instead being met with kindness and guidance towards reframing the stories I tell myself. It's provided so much clarity and it only continues to do so. It also removes the shame and helps me take responsibility.

This is the deep community you’ve been asking for. Welcome home.